First Steps are the Hardest

There are opinion blogs (Right now politics is a hot topic.), but this is not one of those blogs. There are blogs about finances, (I can’t balance a checkbook. I don’t even own a checkbook.) but this is not one of those blogs. There are DIY blogs, (This might seem like a DIY blog, but don’t let us fool you. We don’t know what we’re doing.) but this is not one of those blogs.

If you’ve always wanted to start a new hobby, but you’ve been afraid of failure, this just might be the blog for you. 

We are starting a new gardening hobby. Erica will be gardening in the city, and I, Lexi, in the country. We will be sharing all of our steps, processes, plans, ideas, progress, triumphs, failures, and weekend projects on this blog. 

So what type of blog is this? It’s the “I’m-afraid-to-try-something-new-so-I’ll-watch-these-two-screw-up-first” type blog. We’ll let you know if all the effort is worth it. 

Where I am starting from:

My husband and I have a garden plot in our back yard. Before the weather warms up I need to convince my husband–in between his work/training/hobbies/chores/sleeping– to help me set everything up. We have had a green house kit from Harbor Freight sitting on our front porch for two years now. We’ve put off setting it up because….well, you pick an excuse. 

Our first step is to set that up. Once that’s done I’ll then post about the rest of getting our garden plot ready…once that’s done…you know how that goes. 




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