Tropic Like it’s Hot

During my weekly shopping trip, I found myself staring off into space in the produce section. The pineapples had caught my eyes. I stopped and was trying to figure out if I had seen on Pinterest that you can regrow pineapple. After being jostled by a few people trying to get their bell peppers, I figured I would buy one and then figure it out.
All of them were pretty green still, so I picked the one with the least amount of green and added it to my cart.
Now I will admit it’s been sitting on my counter for a few days and the leaves don’t looks so fresh any more, but Pinterest did confirm that it can be done, so tried to emulate the picture I saw, with tooth picks and a mason jar. Mine is actually an old pickle jar, but the thought is the same.
So while the weather is too cold to start planing outside maybe I can get the roots started in this pineapple.


Tropic Like It's Hot

Update on Pineapple: Attempt #1 didn’t work. It died. 

There are a few reasons why I think it died. 1) The pineapple fruit was too green. 2) The pineapple fruit was green, but it was too ripe. 3) I had it on my kitchen counter where it didn’t get long exposure to the sun. So the next attempt I need to find a place with better light. If only there was a building for growing plants that is made of all windows so it could get all that exposure to the sun….



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