You Herb it Here First

Two weeks ago I had mandatory paid time off from work. You would think that’s exciting, but it meant a whole week off with absolutely no money, no where to go, and nothing to do.

On the plus side, it was paid, so who am I to complain? Sheesh! Anywho, it did give me plenty of time to think about this blog and what wintery indoor gardening projects I could do. Since it’s January and we will get more snow storms, I don’t want to start planting outside.

This is the first project I came up with:  Herbs!

I decided to grow Cilantro, Basil, and Oregano.

Using 3 mason jars, I put river pebbles at the base, filled the jars with miracle grow seed starting soil, and planted the seeds. Full disclosure, I work at Lowe’s and I bought all this product at Lowe’s. I may be a bit bias, (since I do get an employee discount and all) but I’m not getting paid to promote the store.

I was curious about how to successfully grow herbs in my basement apartment since it doesn’t get too much light. Two fellow employees told me not to worry about grow lights and that they are just a gimmick. They said any lamp would work fine.

I am using my desk lamp, and I think that is ok. The herbs are getting about 2-3 hours of natural sunlight a day plus about 7-8 hours of artificial light.

Here’s to hoping all goes well!

708FB989-4F8F-43B4-B4C1-21F53BEDF333.jpegAs a side note, I put the mason jars in leg warmers and a sock. That might be silly, but I figured that since it’s winter and my apartment is cold, the jars would need extra insulation to stay warm. I believe I read the indoor temperature should be no colder than 65 degrees. The little plants are sitting on my kitchen table next to a space heater that will kick on if it gets colder than 65 degrees. That’s especially a concern I have at night. I figure putting the plants too close to the window this time of year will ice them out.


UPDATE (February 24th):

Herbs are coming along just fine. I’m beginning to see mini little cilantro leaves on the cilantro plants. The basil and oregano are coming along just fine too. What worries me is everything seems so mini. When do these herbs get all huge and when can I start eating them!?


P.S. Using a lamp and space heater have worked out just fine. Don’t go wasting your money on grow lights!


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