Lettuce See

I’ve been looking at a planting calendar lately because I’ve been excited to get my garden started. February is coming to an end, Spring is nearly here, and the random snow storms have not dampened my excitement for the warm weather. 

But as I’ve looked at the planting calendar I’ve noticed that the only things to start in March are “greens”. Things like lettuce, kale, and sprouts. And don’t need negativity in my garden, so I guess I’m waiting another month to start planting. On the plus side, it’s another month to build a green house. 

A few years ago we threw some seeds out in our garden plot. We hooked up the garden to our automatic sprinklers and wanted to see what would grow. Unfortunately, we did plant different varieties of lettuce. Growing them was easy. You cut what you wanted and the plant grew back. You would think it was pretty awesome-Salad all summer long. Wrong! The lettuce was gritty with dirt or bugs. We tried insecticide but that was a labor intensive activity, so not worth the effort. The bugs would climb way down into the plant. The bugs were the grossest but not the worst problem. It was the dirt, and we just couldn’t get each individual leaf clean. You are already weary of each bite, and in the back of your mind you’re sure there is a bug in each bite. But then your teeth grinds against dirt. Sending shivers down your back. So I will not be adding lettuce/kale/sprouts to my garden this year, I can’t look at the clean packaged lettuce at the store with out being filled with nausea.



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