All things merge into one..

A few years ago, I called my friend Josh after reading “A River Runs Through It.” He happened to have a passion for fly fishing and I was feeling motivated. We drove to Strawberry Reservoir, and the same evening some friends were having a bonfire. We told them we’d meet up with them with fish to roast over the fire.
We drove up to Strawberry and spent the whole afternoon on the river. We moved up the river and down the river and caught nothing. We tried different flies and casts and watched the sun sink over the mountains, but caught nothing.
A bit downhearted, I exclaimed that our friends would be disappointed.
“We’ll just stop at the grocery store and buy one,” Josh said.

“You can do that?”

“Sure. I’ll tell them how, with destiny in your eyes, you cast the most graceful cast, and as the fly landed, a fish came up to meet it and you reeled it in!”
So that’s the story of how we bought a fish from the grocery store, but told our friends I caught it, then ate it around a bonfire.
How this story relates to gardening:

This summer I’ll be baking lots of zucchini bread, frying up lots of veggies, etc. If my gardening skills are like last year, you may just wonder if it all came from the store. But I’ll never tell.
The end.



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