Global Worming

I can’t think of a way to make a post about worms interesting. This is post #2 about worms though, so I think that’s something.

My worms arrived on Wednesday! I was so excited and took a few pictures. Gorgeous, yes?


Heres the company I bought them from.


Warning. When I came home today my apartment smelt like a trash bin.  I had moistened the soil so the worms could rehydrate, and perhaps added too much water because all the smells of the decaying food were pretty pungent. I covered the worm/food heap with dry dirt to cover the smell in hopes that balances things out. I also swept, mopped, did the dishes, took out the trash, and threw in a load of laundry juuuust in case the smell was coming from somewhere else. I’m pretty sure it was the soggy compost bin, though. So a note, if you’re going to compost, make sure you live with people who are cool with the possibility that it could potentially smell from time to time.




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    1. Haha, Meruru, they definitely aren’t! I didn’t know there were so many types of worms, but for composting worms you specifically want red wrigglers or European night crawlers.

  1. I’ve been reading a little bit about setting up a composting bin in my kitchen for my vegetable and fruit remains.

    I’ve heard the little buggers will eat up anything, but I’m leary to throw in leftovers like meat, pasta, and such because of the smell.

    I was wondering how you calculate worms, dirt, and bucket space to maximize the compositing action?

    Is adding soil on the top helping with the smell?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Aiden, good questions! I’ll post here in a few days to follow up on my worm bin and answer your questions in greater depth. But for quick answers, don’t put meat or pasta in a compost bin! And also, yes, dirt has helped with the smell! The biggest challenge I’m facing is making sure the soil is moist enough to keep these wormies happy, but yes, they eat everything up!

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