Weed ‘Em and Reap

Greenhouse Update:

I meant to post this weeks ago, but with Easter, Spring Break, and mothering 3 1/2 children, I can’t always find time to sit down and blog! Oh well.

So, after 4 years of sitting on my front porch, we finally got the green house started.  It seems like every step has been a lot of work.


First, we moved the box to the back yard.


We discovered that we needed to build a foundation, which we weren’t prepared for. But luckily my sister, Taylor, was visiting, and was a happy little helper.

We worked on it all Saturday, but it got dark before we could get much further than unpacking the basic structure. The next morning I sent my oldest outside to pick up a piece of trash that was on the other side of the yard. It turned out to be a bag of nuts and bolts that our puppy, Hei Hei, had gotten a hold of.

(By the way, you can always tell when we get our family pets based on which popular Disney character they’re named after.)
It took us a few more days, but we finished the structure.

Just a couple more things to take care of, but we should be planting by Monday!



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  1. Hey I want one of these. It’s awesome! and the perfect size. You mentioned getting it a while ago. Do you have an item number still? I wonder what they cost now. Does it seem like it’ll last a while? Great job on the foundation, too!

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