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Eek! I have some exciting news! 

Ok, so I went on vacation for 9 days. Much needed, left the state, didn’t do much planning, went and saw my family, it was great, etc.

BUT, I didn’t ask anyone to drop by and water my plants for me. I was either to lazy or too stubborn to ask. Plus, I didn’t want to give someone my spare key.

Anywho, I’ve been nervous all week about potentially coming home to dead plants. I mean, this isn’t a child or a dog we’re talking about, so the stakes weren’t that high, but still. I’ve invested some time and money, you know? I didn’t want to start from scratch. 

Well, the good news is this:

Zucchini is back! Happy birthday, Zucchini!


All of the plants, the ones I left outside and the ones I left inside, are all ok. Except the radishes…I can live with that.


And! The worms are doing well too! See all those white squiggly lines in the photo below? Those are little baby worms.

254FA8B5-7C01-46B3-912E-3B654C71D01CThat means the environment they’re in is healthy enough that the wormies can reproduce. And reproduce they have! <wink wink>. (I’m mature.) The best part is there is no trashy smell in the bin, but instead the earthy smell of soil after it rains. It’s the best!

All in all, I got lucky! Probably still best to have a friend look after things when you leave town. But for me, I can keep on blogging! 



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