Dang Girl, You Pine!

Attempt #3 

I finally just looked online and read how to regrow a pineapple. This is a brief overview of what I found…


Twist off top, “crown.”

Place in water.

Basic need-to-know information about pineapple plants:

Roots starts growing in a couple days. 

Needs lots of light. 

They are hardy and tolerant. They can come back from a lot, unless the crown has been cut in half.

Once the roots start, they can be placed in soil. But can stay in water for a year. 

You need to try really hard to mess this up. 

Takes 18 months to 2 years to get fruit. 

pinapple (2).JPG

So this attempt I’m putting this plant out in the greenhouse and it’s not coming out until it’s brown and rotten. 

They are a beautiful plant and even if I don’t get fruit from it, it will be fun to see the progress. 

(I call this filter “sticky fingers,” in honor of Billy, my youngest, who steals my phone and continually has sticky fingers.)



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