Origin story and such

Ok y’all, I wanted to tell you Zucchini’s origin story because it’s my favorite. It starts with a few friends, a Bachelorette, and a nerdy sense of humor.
First, I have to confess that I have a lame obsession with the show, The Bachelorette. The obsession is beginning to fade as it’s apparent that one season is exactly like every-other-season. However, it had been a few years since I had watched the show. A few work friends and I needed an excuse to get together more often, so that was our weekly get-together show.

Note: I loved Rachel’s season, and I totally called it that she’d end up with Bryan. (Hope they’re still going strong!?) Peter was suave, but also a total boring, manipulative jerk.
Anyways, back to my story.
So, while sitting there enjoying completely mindless entertainment that appeals to some weird need to be meaninglessly involved in someone else’s life, my friend Josh asked me to like his fan page.
“Fan page?”

Taking my eyes off a Rachel and Bryan climbing into a convertible Bentley,
“I mean, I’m a fan of you, but what do you do?”
“My friends have fan pages for themselves. One is a photographer. One is a model. I don’t do anything…but I’m making a calendar. You should like my page.”

As I sat there and watched the bachelorette and her future beau drive around Geneva, I thought, “sure. Why not?”

Fast forward a bit. There was a bunch of garbage in the news. All about dirty, corrupt politics. Looming war. Racial tensions. Gun violence. Marches in the streets, etc. The economy was still struggling a bit and work was stressing me out.
One night, around 11:30pm, I was just getting home and feeling depressed. I just wanted to sit outside, in the dark, to look up at the stars and feel a cool summer breeze. I grabbed a mason jar of pink lemonade and walked out to my back patio. I sat in my pink Walmart lawn chair and looked up at the street lamps. The air conditioner kicked on next to me and a plane, descending on its flight path, flew overhead. The sky was dark, but I felt muggy and hot.
Next to me was an empty blue Walmart chair and next to that was my zucchini growing in a little red pot. I lifted the pot onto the blue chair and in my mind started talking to it and felt a little less lonely.
I stared up at the sky and watched plane number three fly over head. The thought occurred to me that Zucchini needed something to drink, so I put my mason jar of lemonade next to it. It also needed to look more human so I fixed on a pair of sunglasses. It made me giggle a bit.
“This is almost as lame as watching an entire season of The Bachelorette,” I thought to myself.



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