Pigeon Wars

About 3 weeks ago I moved into a 3rd story apartment across town. Before, I lived in a basement apartment and my plants sat on the steps that lead to the upper level. Now they sit on my patio, and it’s perfect.

Except I now deal with pigeons.


And they are the worst! 

Within a day of living here the pigeons decided that my pot of radishes was theirs and made a nest of it. Within a week there were birds droppings and feathers everywhere. 

I looked online and asked around and what I found was that they don’t like the taste of cinnamon or spices such as Cayenne or red pepper. I spread cinnamon all over my porch and they’ve been gone for weeks.

However, the cinnamon is now gone and the pigeons are back. I’ve been finding pots tipped over and more droppings. I spread cinnamon over my porch again last night, but they were here this morning. 

I don’t want to spend a fortune on keeping the pigeons away, but I hear they’re impossible to get rid of! 

Does anyone have advise on cheap methods of keeping the birds away? If you do, feel free to pigeon!



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