I Eat Local Because I Can

Yikes! Time flies so fast when you’re not paying attention to your garden!! Thanks, again as always, to Todd who practically manages my garden for me, everything in the garden grew to outstanding sizes. From the peppers I was able to make 6 jars of salsa, with many more peppers still on the vine.


From the cucumbers I made 6 jars of pickles…which turned out to be disgusting. I have about 6-12 jars worth of cucumbers left over to try again.


And with all the zucchini I made about a dozen different desserts and meals. They say you only need one zucchini plant per family for the whole summer…I had three thriving plants for just myself. I eventually ripped them out because I can’t take anymore zucchini!! That being said, here is another amazing zucchini recipe:

Lemon Zucchini Cake


This recipe made in onto my top favorite’s list of zucchini recipes. It’s so light, fresh and zesty while the zucchini keeps the cake moist.  By the way, dear reader, if you want me to make you zucchini cake, or bread, or brownies, even if you live out of state, send me a message. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on all this.



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