Ok, ok, ok. I really don’t have a green thumb at all! I’ve killed the basil and the cilantro and I think it’s because I’ve over watered them! Ugh!
According to this webpage:

basil can be tricky and prefers temperatures around 70 degrees and likes lots of sunlight. I dont think my herbs are getting enough natural lighting and I’m keeping them around 65 degrees.
I’m going to up the temp to 70 and I don’t know quite what to do about the sunlight. I also read that indoor herbs tend to be spindlier than outdoor herbs, which I’m finding is true, and that dry air from heating mechanisms is hard on herbs, which I’m finding is also true since I keep them by a space heater.

This is almost hilarious how I don’t know what to do…so, um, I did this..???…Any tips?




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