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Soaps have become a great hobby for me and my daughter, Susan Lillee. Coming up with concept soaps is endless, and we would like to give you the opportunity to build your our soaps for your next thank you gifts, wedding favor, or bridal shower; the applications are endless.


We can do small batches (minimum 6) or batches of hundreds of bars. Each bar is roughly 3 oz. 


All soaps are made with the same base oils for $1 a bar. These are unsented and colorless.


But those are no fun, starting with $1 per bar, go down the list and make your own Soap recipe by adding ingredients and additive; prices are as listed.


Base Oils:

Coconut oil, cleanings

Palm oil, creamy lather

Olive oil, moisturizing, mild

Castor oil, humectant (attracts moisture to your skin)


More oil (add oil $1 per bar/ per oil):

Almond oil, stable lather

Avocado oil, oily

Jojoba oil, moister and absorption

Lard/Tallow, sets hard, creamy lather (could replace palm oil 100%)

Shea Butter, oily


fragrance or essential oil: ($.5per bar).

I like using my fragrances from Bramble Berry.


Color: (1st color $.35 per bar, each additional color $.15 per bar).



Seeds, $.5 (i.e. poppyseeds, ground flaxseed)

Ground Oatmeal, $.5

Coffee grounds = exfoliate $1

Calendula (yellow flower petals), $1

Clay = Shave, $1

Sugar = bubbly lather , $1

Pink H Salt = close texture lather, $1.5

Charcoal = exfoliate, $1.5

Goats Milk = moisturize, $2

Lofa ground/whole, $3 (whole must be used with shaped molds, $.25)



Cut/ no cut from rectangle loaf, Free

Cut/ no cut from cylinder loaf, Free

Theme Molds (one color), $.50

Shape Mold, $.25 (rectangle, oval)


Ok, Figured out what you want?


Now get ahold of me and let’s do some business


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