Safety Protocol

What some people might find interesting:

Logistics/ Safety:

  • We make soaps at home in a clean and ventilated work space.
  • We always wear safety glasses, gloves, and cover exposed skin.
  • At least, a cup of white vinegar is in the work area, easily  accessible.
  • Recipes have been created using a Lye Calculator.
  • All ingredients and tools are accounted for, before mixing lye with water. 
  • All kids have been removed from work area, but still in line of sight, before oils are heated and lye is opened.
  • Mix lye with water, time is ticking to get lye-water down to 100*f and melt oils and temp up to 100* f
  • Soap have simple recipes 4-6 oils.
  • Marketing on products starts after it sets for 5 weeks.
  • Shipping
    • we have the product before we ship. 
    • to ensure quality, we ship out product after it has set for 5 weeks.


  • We do not make any medical claims or healing claims about our soap. It is pretty soap.
  • We will make custom soap, but the shipping date is 6-8 weeks out. The colors and additives of the finished product is up to the customer.
  • We ship our product, from Parma Idaho, out twice a week; Monday and Thursday.
  • We only take returns on products that have not be used.
  • Refund: once the product is returned we can offer a 30% refund.

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